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Hart Dynamics Studio Master 5-Piece Electronic Drum Set with TE3.2 Trigger System

Hart Dynamics Studio Master 5-Piece Electronic Drum Set with TE3.2 Trigger System

Hart Dynamics Studio Master electronic drum sets have all the features of the renowned PRO sets and feature the patented TE3.2 trigger system. Triple plate chrome steel rims and heavy-duty removable rubber RIM TRIM on all ACUPAD drums. ECYMBAL STUDIO cymbals feature crash with choke, dual trigger ride, and gum rubber playing surfaces (Ride and HH) for stealthy operation. Standard cymbal booms for ride, crash and splash cymbals include cymbal springs to allow exact acoustic cymbal response and movement. ACUPAD upright bass drum great feel, triggering and accepts all single and double pedals. STUDIO EPEDAL fully variable hi-hat controller pedal is unmatched for variation between closed/open accuracy, adjustability and durability. HDI products are handcrafted in the USA with the finest materials available, go through extensive testing/quality control and carry a lifetime guarantee. These electric sets come with everything you need to plug 'n' play right out of the box (even cables), and are guaranteed compatible with the controller or sound module of your choice. For gigs, studio or practice, these drum systems allow you to play exactly like you are playing an acoustic kit. These sets offer hundreds of drumset sounds that stay in tune and always sound perfect in an easily transportable set, and when you practice at home, put on headphones and you won't disturb your neighbors, or even your roommates. You don't need a rock star's bank account to afford one of these electronic drumsets either, but with all of the playing you'll be able to do, you might need to open one.Studio Master set shown with Roland TD-6V module (not included)

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