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Korg Pa50 Professional Arranger

Korg Pa50 Professional Arranger

The Korg Pa50 Professional Arranger combines enhanced sequencing functions, powerful performance features, custom backlit LCD, comprehensive arranging tools and impeccable sound quality. Based on the TRITON synth engine the Pa50 Arranger's sound quality is second to none! Included with its 660 editable sound programs is a set of very expressive solo instruments, sampled with a natural vibrato. 4 studio-quality effect processors are available and feature 89 different effect types. 4 assignable pads, an assignable footswitch, the joystick, sync start, fade in and out, tap tempo, accompaniment reset and other front panel functions are available at your fingertips.Musical Styles Each of the 304 editable Styles available with this Korg keyboard arranger provides up to 8 accompaniment parts drums, bass, percussion and more that respond interactively with your playing. 8 parts, 4 Variations, 2 Fills, 2 Intros and 2 Endings per Style provide all you need to create a natural-sounding performance. In addition to the 8 parts that comprise a Style, up to 4 sounds are available on the keyboard as real-time parts. The Korg Pa50 can also store 160 user defined Performance settings, each instantly recalling the style, sounds, effects, panning, transposition and other settings assigned to each part.Extensive Sequencing In addition to traditional realtime and step-time sequencing, the Korg Pa50 Pro also features a unique Backing Sequencer, which can capture up to 8 tracks of Style accompaniment and up to 8 tracks of realtime playing in a single pass. The PA50 Arranger is GM and SMF compatible and in performance, nothing beats the revolutionary XDS Dual Sequencer. Lyrics embedded in SMF sequences are shown in the Display.Rich, Stereo Sound The Korg Pa50 Professional Arranger features 2 dual cone speakers in a reflex cabinet and twin 15 Watt amplifiers.

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