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Roland PK-25 Pedal Board for VK-77

Roland PK-25 Pedal Board for VK-77

The PK-25 is a 25-note pedalboard developed for use with the VK-77 Combo Organ. Designed for players who are used to console-type organs, its larger pedalboard is perfect for playing jazz bass lines. Detachable expression pedal with 2 footswitches for rotary and brake control, parameter control, etc. Radiating pedal layout provides authentic touch. Hold switch for sustaining notes.

Roland Fantom-Xa 61-Key Workstation

Roland Fantom-Xa 61-Key Workstation

If you crave Fantom power, but want a more cost-effective way to Fantomize your rig, Roland has the perfect synth for you. Meet the Fantom-Xa a 61-key multifaceted sampling workstation with an affordable price tag! The Fantom-Xa includes many of the most popular features from the top-of-the-line Fantom, including 128-voice polyphony, Skip Back Sampling, a high-resolution built-in sequencer, realtime audio time-stretching, COSM modeling effects, mastering processing, USB port, WAV/AIFF compatibility, D-Beam control, SRX expansion, and more. Four line outputs, mic/stereo line input.

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