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Suzuki SP-47 61-Key Portable Keyboard

Suzuki SP-47 61-Key Portable Keyboard

A quality musical instrument loaded with teaching functions. Comes with 128 digitally sampled voices, 32-note polyphony, 100 rhythm styles with variations, and more. There are 6 training courses included. Each course has at least 50 lessons: Ear (listen and play), Rhythm, Melody, Chord Dictionary, Chord Recognition, and how to play 50 built-in classic songs. Get graded by the built-in vocal teacher. Includes 61 standard-size, touch-sensitive keys, deluxe key bed, multifunction LCD, pitchbend, transposer, touch response, octave shift, chorus, and reverb. Includes music rack and manual. Don't forget to order the SP-A4 A/C Adapter.

Suzuki SP-67 61-Key Portable Keyboard

Suzuki SP-67 61-Key Portable Keyboard

An expressive weighted-action touch-responsive keyboard that's aftertouch-sensitive and has incredibly dynamic instrument samples, making this a fine student instrument. The Suzuki SP-67 features accompaniment and digital sound enhancements, plus a 2-track sequencer, and 50 prerecorded classic songs. Practice tool will play one hand, while you practice with the other. Includes 61 weighted keys, deluxe key bed, 138 digitally sampled sounds, 10 ethnic instrument voices, 10 drum kits, 100 rhythm styles with 100 variations, 32-note polyphony, a large multifunction LCD display, pitch bend, transposer, and programmable split keyboard. Connections include MIDI in/out, stereo line out/headphone jack, sustain pedal and volume pedal jack. A/C adapter included.

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